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Welcoming the season of change, release and letting go.


Life is continually changing and every being experiences change at one point in her life. It can be change in your family, relationship, your health, your home, your spiritual life or your finances. Change does not come easy. Sometimes it can be paralyzing and along the way you may get an advice from friends and […]

Summer vacation!


We all love going on vacation. Now that the summer is here people are travelling from one place to the other. Have you ever asked yourself what the word vacation means? And what the purpose is of vacation? Let’s take a moment into vacation. Vacation is an old French word meaning “Freedom” or release from […]

Letting Go!


We are in the fall now. We can feel it in the air. We can sense it in the light. We can see It in the red, orange colors of the leaves. The leaves are falling down from the trees. It is a breath taking scenery outside. Mother earth has some lessons for us when […]

Yes, you can manage your stress


Do you have an overwhelming sense that you have more to do than you will ever actually have time to complete? Take a breath! You are not alone. Our world is going in a very fast pace and we demand ourselves to keep that pace up. The overflowing inbox, numerous projects with looming deadlines competing […]

Getting most out of your holiday


The summer is here and aren’t we ready? After two years of travel restrictions life has eased, and if you are like me, you are looking forward to a well-deserved holiday! Taking time off from work is important for our health and well-being. Even if you are not leaving home for a lavish vacation, I […]