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Letting Go!

We are in the fall now. We can feel it in the air. We can sense it in the light. We can see It in the red, orange colors of the leaves. The leaves are falling down from the trees. It is a breath taking scenery outside.

Mother earth has some lessons for us when we pay attention.

One of the lessons is to be fully present in the moment in order to release. Nature is our teacher., it flows from one season to the other with ease and confidence. Right now trees release their leaves as they serve no purpose anymore and are ready for the new.

In this time of change, we need to sit down and reflect on our lives, what is going well and what is not going well? What do I let go? How is my health is this moment? What do I need to improve my relationship with myself and others? When we release and let go, we make room for the new. What I will be releasing this season is self-criticism.

In order to release, renew and recharge, we need to be fully present, loving and grateful. I love to hear from you what are you intending to release or let go this season?