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Summer vacation!

We all love going on vacation. Now that the summer is here people are travelling from one place to the other. Have you ever asked yourself what the word vacation means? And what the purpose is of vacation? Let’s take a moment into vacation. Vacation is an old French word meaning “Freedom” or release from an activity or occupation – like summer vacation. There is no school, however you can do lots of things but you won’t be in school. You might even go somewhere for a vacation.

Simply said: Vacation is time specifically set aside for enjoyment or relaxation like a dream vacation.

Enjoyment and relaxation are interconnected. Without relaxation there is no enjoyment, and without enjoyment there is no relaxation. Why are these two so important in our daily life? It brings inspiration, fulfillment, growth and many more benefits that keep us alive and vibrant.. It helps us to renew our minds and rejuvenate our spirits and bodies. Vacation does not have to be far away from home .

How do we make a choice of our vacation? For me it’s very simple: it’s about what brings me joy and relaxation. The mountains , water as a river, ocean/sea and nature. Since there are no mountains in Nederland it means travelling to a place where there are mountains. It takes hours of driving and it can be tiring. How do you make sure you get the best benefits from your vacation?

-Make sure you know what brings you joy.

-What is needed to get there?

-What do you need?

-You have to relax in order to get the best of your vacation.

If you are starting your vacation one of these days, whether it’s far away or close to home , even better at home. Wishing you all a relaxed, inspiring fun vacation and please share your experience. Did you enjoy and relax during your vacation? Or are you feeling like you are just about to go on vacation while you just came back? Did you manage to take distance from your work? Travel save and for those who need support in relaxation, just give me a call once you are back and we will design a relax program that will leave you energized and happy at work and at home. Thank you and see you in September.