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Welcoming the season of change, release and letting go.

Life is continually changing and every being experiences change at one point in her life. It can be change in your family, relationship, your health, your home, your spiritual life or your finances. Change does not come easy. Sometimes it can be paralyzing and along the way you may get an advice from friends and family to move on, get back into action ……. get on with life. How do you then move on when your heart is broken to pieces? How do you get the strength and the wisdom to pick the pieces up and put them back into place again? The truth is even if you pick up the pieces and put them together if life will never be the same again. The way you look at life is different so are your needs and your priorities. As we look outside right now, the trees are changing color from green to yellow to red and gold. It happens so naturally. Nature is our teacher when it comes to change.

The biggest and most challenging change I have gone through in my life was when my mother passed away 3 years ago. I had no idea how to move on and did not even understand what moving on is.
What I learned from mother nature regarding change, release and letting go is:

  1. To step back, be still in the moment and check in with yourself! How are you feeling right now. Be aware.
  2. Be true to you! Do not hide or mask your feelings.
  3. Acknowledge that you are going through heartbreaking change.
  4. Accept the situation just as it is.
  5. Trust that the universe has your back. You are not alone. Ask for what you need and then move gently forward step-by-step with patience.

Are you going through change in your life right now and you genuinely do not know how to move on and you need support? We are here to support you.