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Yes, you can manage your stress

Do you have an overwhelming sense that you have more to do than you will ever actually have time to complete? Take a breath!
You are not alone.
Our world is going in a very fast pace and we demand ourselves to keep that pace up. The overflowing inbox, numerous projects with looming deadlines competing for our attention and both personally and professionally people constantly claiming your time. Not to forget to spend quality-time with your inner circle.
This could leave you with a sense of time slipping away in a way that just does not allow you to keep with this pace.
The good news is- we can turn the clock around and manage our stress.
When I start feeling overwhelmed, I just pause and remind myself : it’s time to take care of me and breath!
A few suggestions you can do to manage your stress:

  • Remember to breath: taking a gentle breath in and letting a full gentle breath out can help reduce stress. And is available to us in each moment.
  • Make a quality sleep a priority: Try to get eight hours of sleep at night. Focus on going to bed at the same time every night and refrain from using from using your phone before bedtime.
  • Give yourself a gift massage: Massage is so effective at improving relaxation while relieving stress and it will lead you to better sleep.

I love to hear from you how you manage your stress. Let me know if I can support you on this.