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Five Nature-Oriented Principles

The treatments by a BATC therapist are based on the five nature-oriented principles. These principles stem from a number of natural laws. In order to be and remain healthy, each of these principles must be in balance, also in their mutual relationship. The five principles are not only separate from each other, but are also interdependent. They are like a wickerwork and influence each other. An example is that if someone does not take in sufficient good nutrition, the energy management will not be optimal. When someone worries a lot, this will also cost the body energy. It is therefore necessary to look at all five principles and their interrelationships. Below you can find, in the correct order, a brief explanation of the five nature-oriented principles according to BATC.

1. Energy

Everything in and around us consists of energy.
Worldwide, energy is seen as the basis of life. Energy forms the basis of the BATC therapist’s treatments. The principles of stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition and mental well-being can only be worked on when your energy management is in order. Without energy, the body does not function optimally and healing cannot take place. It is a first priority to ensure that you have sufficient energy, that a balanced flow of energy takes place and that any blockages are removed.

2. Stimulus transfer

The stimulus transfer is achieved through your nervous system. The brain sends impulses through the nervous system to the rest of your body. But also vice versa, stimuli are sent from your body to your brain. The nervous system is your body’s communication network or ‘telephone line’. Pain stimuli, for example, have a function to be able to react correctly and quickly in certain situations. The stimulus transfer also ensures that certain signals, for example about what you need for recovery, are passed on to the body. A good stimulus transfer is indispensable to be able to function and recover properly.

3. Drainage

In daily life, our body regularly has to deal with overload by waste products. Some external causes can be: breathing polluted air (heavy metals) or certain substances such as residues of pesticides, dioxins or certain additives in our food. In addition, our body itself can create an overload of waste because, for example, our lymph system or blood circulation does not function optimally. Under favorable circumstances, our body is able to excrete most waste products without any problems through our excretory organs. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to support and stimulate the body in this. When there are too many waste products in the body, for example in our intestines, nutrients can no longer be absorbed properly.

4. Nutrition

Food maintains and fuels your cells. Your daily diet is one of the most important components for a fit and healthy body and a sharp mind.

Certain foods are not equally well tolerated by everyone. This may be a temporary issue. Targeted nutritional advice can change this in a favorable way. It is important that you take the right foods, appropriate to your constitution and circumstances, and that in the right amounts

5. Mental Well-being

In addition to the foregoing principles, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects influence your health and well-being. Awareness of your limiting thinking and behavior patterns is extremely important. This is for mental as well as physical well-being. Worries or other mental tensions can cause many complaints, such as stomach complaints, headaches or cramped muscles. You learn to change, break through or let go of the hindering thinking and behavioral problems in a healthy way. This is for the best possible recovery, but also to stay in balance in the future.

Innerbalance-Enschede works holistically and processes all 5 principles in all treatments that are given. All therapies are aimed at restoring balance for each individual in all aspects of the human being.