Burgemeester van Veenlaan 72
7543 AA Enschede

Terms and Conditions and House Rules

  • Payment for workshops, coaching and supervision takes place in prior consultation.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede does not provide medical massages/treatments. In the event of medical complaints, the client must consult his/her attending physician or specialist before undergoing treatment. Innerbalance-Enschede certainly does not perform erotic massages.
  • The client/client makes use of the services of Innerbalance-Enschede of its own free will. Innerbalance-Enschede can therefore not be held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from participation in massage and/or treatments and/or using the services of Innerbalance/Enschede.
  • Intake and health: if there are medical complaints, if the client is being treated by a doctor or specialist or if he/she uses medicines that affect the ability to react, the client must report this. Important for women: if you are pregnant, or are about to become pregnant, you must definitely report this. Even if the pregnancy is difficult, you should report this prior to the treatment. The Client remains responsible for passing on important information regarding health to Innerbalance-Enschede.
  • All business, personal and/or medical data will never be provided to third parties without your written permission.
  • Innerbalance – Enschede reserves the right to exclude a client from treatment.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede does not guarantee any of its services. Complaints can be discussed with me directly, or alternatively submitted by email or post within two weeks of the service.
  • During the workshops and massages and yoga practice you must switch off your mobile and you must be present on time.
  • Free cancellation of a treatment/assignment is possible up to 48 hours before the start, by telephone. After this, the costs of the requested treatment will be charged.
  • Massage must be paid in cash immediately afterwards.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede reserves the right to cancel an order if, in the opinion of Innerbalance-Enschede, there is no question of a hygienic situation. Reimbursement of the costs will then not take place.
  • Everyone who uses the services declares to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede reserves the right to deny access at all times without stating reasons.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede is not liable for damage, theft or loss of property and accidents in and around the building in which the consultations or yoga classes take place.
  • Innerbalance-Enschede is not liable if and insofar as its agreements and/or other obligations cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure. Force majeure is understood to mean any special cause/circumstance that cannot reasonably be considered to be at Innerbalance-Enschede’s risk. Innerbalance-Enschede has the right to suspend its obligations in the event of force majeure. Under no circumstances is Innerbalance-Enschede obliged to pay any fine or compensation.