Yoga – Therapy

As a Yoga therapist, I work with people with a wide range of physical challenges or health conditions. I support people during this challenging time in their lives to restore their health and well-being on the 4 levels of their being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Childrens Yoga class:

Welcome to Kids yoga class!

This class offers joyful practice for children between 7 and 12. It includes postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation, chanting and story-telling. Yoga teaches children in a playful way how to concentrate, increase self-confidence and improve motor skills.

By taking part in yoga class, children also develop important social skills. Regular yoga practice offers effective help with hyperactivity and stress. But above all, Yoga for children is fun!

Prenatal Yoga class:

You are pregnant? Congratulations!

Welcome and thank you for joining our Prenatal Yoga class.

This class consists of classical yoga exercises adapted for pregnancy, Yoga postures , breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help the mind and body adapt to pregnancy, prepare for labour and adjust to new life.

No prior experience is necessary. !

What do I need?

Your open mind, a pillow, blanket, socks and a yoga-mat if you have one.

What to wear?

Easy and comfortable clothing.